About Me


I’m Cameron, a twenty-one year old anthropology student who has loved ancient Egypt and all things historical since I was young.  I started this blog as an attempt to share my stories with family and friends about field schools, and the experience of embarking on a career path that was surprising to many who know me.  From a visual standpoint, no one would suspect that I love spending time in the outdoors, braving all types of hellish weather, and digging in the dirt for a full eight hours a day.  As a sorority woman, a lover of cosmetics, and an avid skin care enthusiast, I entertain amazing reactions when new friends find out my educational background, amazed that I could possibly enjoy getting mud on my stereotypical leggings and oversized t-shirts.  I love combining the femininity of fresh manicures and cut flowers with the masculinity of manual labor and field tools.  Being able to drift seamlessly from one type of “woman” to the next is empowering, and gives me a chance to reshape perceptions of those who wield a mascara wand, and those who find their strength in the more natural aspects of life.  I hope that this collection provides inspiration for women (and men!) who seek to surprise and astound those around them, by being their true self in all forms.